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Air Residences is home to world-class amenities. It goes to extra length just to ensure that its residents live a vacation-like life all year round.Play table tennis and pool games at the 7th floor. There is also a game alley which ensures that Air Residences do not face boredom whatsoever. The children can enjoy the vibrant life of this residence by playing at their play area located both in the 7th and 8th floor.Need to meditate? The yoga terrace is found on the two floors dedicated in giving pleasure to the residents. The function terraces found on both the two floors are always ready to give room to the residents who are need a venue for their functions.

The lush landscapes on the 8th floor bring a cool ambiance to the environment to give the residents feeling of well being.The residence offers its residents a chance to jog or walk around without having to leave their homes by providing the jogging floor right at their doorstep.

  • 12 Elevators
  • Fire Exits
  • Air Mall At The Ground Floor
  • Mail Room
  • Garbage Disposal Area On Every Floor
  • Automatic fire detection and alarm system
  • Standby Generator
  • Centralized Cistern Tank
  • Intercom System
  • 24-Hour Security
  • CCTV System At Selected Areas
  • Front Desk
  • Property Management Services
  • Adult Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
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Features of Air Residences in Makati City

Looking for a new home is not an easy task, but you have come to the right place. Air Residences in Makati City may be just the place for you and your family to settle down and enjoy life. You can’t go wrong with all its amazing features that will make you feel right at home. With its beautiful and contemporary design and architecture, this high-rise condominium building can be a great new home for you and your family.

Located in the area of Ayala Avenue Extension, you are close to everything you need. The complex is right next to the Makati Central Fire Station. The T-shaped tower offers 59 floors with many features. There are 3 lower level parking floors, and 7 podium floors. On those floors are the amenities the community has to offer as well as a shopping strip mall with everything you could want literally at your doorstep. It is in an area rich with public transportation so you can travel to where you want to go. You will not have to deal with traffic and will be able to rely on jeepneys, busses, and the metro to get where you need to go. If you do have a car, there are parking spots available to you. With over 3,500 units, there is something for everyone whether you are someone who is just starting out on your own, a business professional, or looking somewhere to settle to begin a family. It is also a great retirement area since it will keep you active and involved in the community. No matter what life stage you are in, there is something for everyone.

Luxurious Units to Fit all Your Needs

Whether you are looking for a one bedroom or two bedroom unit, there are multiple layout options so you can find a condo that fits your needs. Kitchen areas are equipped with new fixtures and appliances so you can enjoy cooking for your family or entertaining guests. With each new unit comes a free microwave and air conditioner. The units are spacious and beautifully designed. You can decorate your home as you like to make it feel comfortable and be a true reflection of you, your hobbies, and interests. There is also the option for units to come with a balcony so you can enjoy fresh air day or night. Whether your unit has a balcony or not, the view is breath-taking as you can look upon Makati City and all it has to offer. Each unit is also designed with hook ups for cable, internet, and phone as well as an intercom system. You, you family, and your visitors will love your new home here at Air Residences in Makati City.

Buildings that Offer Features You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Do you have the luxury to work at home, but something want to get out of your house to get work done? One of the great features within each building is that there are lobbies where residents can go to relax, work, or meet with friends. The lobbies are modernly decorated, beautiful furnished, and lit up for your convenience. There is also plenty of outlets and wi-fi if you would like to get work done. Whether you would like to set up a meeting with a colleague or have a private place to work, the lobby can be your work home away from home. Since not everyone has the opportunity to work at home, the lobbies are also a great meeting place to enjoy a visit with other members of the community or with your own guests that are visiting your new home. They will also love the amenities offered here as they will feel comfortable in this community, too. If you are looking for a Condo in Makati, this is a great choice.

Conveniences Outside your Home, but Inside the Community

One of the best parts about Air Residences is that you will have luxurious amenities within the community. You will not have to venture very far to enjoy a resort-like pool, lounge areas, and gardens with a walking or jogging trail as the amenity area has something for everyone to do. If you have children, there is a playground and kiddie pool area with plenty of seats for you to sit in the shade or sun and enjoy watching them play. Children will have the opportunity to play with other kids in the community and will make fast friends over the fun they will have on the playground and in the pool. The adult pool can be used for relaxation or exercise as it is 40 meters by 20 meters. In the pool are islands with trees for you to enjoy beautiful and calming scenery. It gives a resort-like effect and makes you forget about all your daily worries. Lounge chairs are provided for your comfort, and there is plenty of sun for those who like to sunbathe. There is also plenty of options to sit in the shade for those who do not want to get a lot of sun.

Additionally, there is an exercise lawn where you can participate in yoga, meditation, or stretching before your jog on the beautiful walking and jogging trail. When you check Air Residences photos you will find a public BBQ area allows you the opportunity to get together with your family and friends and cook out. The amenity pavilion allows you sit with friends and family in the comfort of your own backyard. One of the best aspects of living in a condominium is that you do not have to worry about the upkeep of your yard. This beautiful landscape and scenery is maintained by the condo association. Imagine having the opportunity to come home from your busy day at work and just relax. You do not have to mow the lawn, trim the bushes, or make sure your plants are watered. This is all done for you so that you can enjoy life to its fullest. You really cannot go wrong living in SMDC Air Residences.

Safety Features to Ensure You and Your Family are Protected from Harm

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new home is the area in which you are looking. Is it safe? Will my family be protected? Do I have everything we need in the case of an emergency? Those questions, along with others, are frequently on the mind of those looking for a new home. At Air Residences, security and safety measures are strategically in place and maintained by the condominium association, so you can always feel at ease that you and your family are protected from harm. Please check Air Residences Price , we are sure it will suit your budget.

With a sprinkler and alarm system, you don’t have to worry about fires and emergencies. These systems are regularly maintained and checked to ensure the safety of all residents. It is also right next door to the Makati Central Fire Station, so you can rest assured help is very close if there ever were a need.

Another important safety feature is that cameras are installed and located by entrances, common areas, and within the amenity area outside so that you can feel safe knowing the goings on are being recorded in case there was any question. There is 24 hour security year round so that you can feel safe and enjoy life here at Air Residences in Makati City.

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